SIS Promotion


Long-term promotional activities in DIY and construction stores thanks to technically savvy staff who are particularly well-trained in the use of BOSCH products.



Applicants are selected in advance after completing a questionnaire with a technical orientation predetermined by the client, based on which their suitability and existing knowledge of the DIY field is assessed. This is followed by a 3.5-day training course, at which staff are prepared for deployment at the POS. Here, the focus is on increasing sell-out and the quality of advice, as well as knowledge transfer to the staff in stores. Beyond this, attention is also paid to the upkeep, visualization and optimization of the SIS areas in order to ensure flawless and appealing product presentation at the POS. In addition, the end customer has the opportunity to test the devices, under supervision, depending on the circumstances in the store. These product demonstrations take place in various product categories.



  • Increase in sell-out with the consumer promotion of 110.7% since the start of the promotion and ongoing improvement in the quality of advice
  • Ongoing know-how transfer to the store employees
  • Care and optimization of the SIS areas at the POS thanks to more than 4,700 deployment days
  • In addition to the promotion for Bosch Green power tools, alongside roadshows in the professional sphere (Bosch Blue), a DACH-wide sales promotion campaign could be implemented for further product areas from the Bosch brand and thus the target group activated further.


Jens Wieth

Managing Director
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