In this project, we are supporting our long-standing customer Samsung in the newly opened Frankfurt flagship store "Samsung Showcase Zeil 119" and are fully responsible for personnel and field market sensing.



The project team provided especially for this purpose is responsible for recruiting and training the personnel as well as the entire deployment planning. In addition, the team also takes over the daily field market sensing in order to be able to react immediately to the needs of the visitors and to constantly advance the shop.
Our consulting team is divided into 'Product' and 'Experience- Experts'. The 'Product Experts' are specialized in Samsung products and know all technical details - the 'Experience Experts' invite every guest to experience the Samsung variety live and for example to try out the different Virtual Reality modules.



  • Opening of Europe's first Samsung showcase with a spectacular facade show, competitions and our service staff in April 2018
  • Frequency exact cast of the showcase, measured on a daily and hourly basis
  • Support of numerous marketing activities to increase local customer frequency


Jens Wieth

Managing Director
T +49 911 66057-87
F +49 911 660588-0
M +49 174 188 00-88