Rollout and Maintenance


For AVM, with the products of the FRITZ! brand, we implement the shelf and area planning according to predefined planograms. In addition, our intuitive and easy-to-configure reporting enables optimal forecasting and comparison with shelf photos on site.



Since August 2017, we have been optimising the brand presence at the POS with a consumer-friendly, appealing and economically sensible team of trained employees. The product presentation was established uniformly in all POS according to a centrally defined planogram. As a result, the customer's shopping experience could be considerably optimised. After the successful conversion, we are also responsible for the regular care and maintenance of the areas.



  • Conversion of over 230 areas to the latest standard
  • Over 3,000 maintenance visits per year
  • Development of an image database with more than 10,000 images of the presentations on site


Frank Klemm

General Manager
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