Product training


The product task involved conveying detailed product knowledge on Astra and the UHD technology, and supporting the retailer in sales with corresponding POS material. This way, the positioning as an HDTV provider could be strengthened in the German market.


After an in-depth analysis of the potential of the existing sales documents, the training content was generated and a nationwide POS training tour undertaken for the sales staff in 800 stores (Media / Saturn & Buying Group). The duration of the training is 45 minutes per market, in which the training of (on average) two to four sales people is possible at the POS. Alongside the tour and deployment planning, our services also include the scheduling with retailers, as well as planning of the kick-off event and training. In addition to the creation of a folding information brochure and QR code, we took care of the creation of newsletters and a landing page. A weekly results presentation for the client Astra and the assembly of the material (logistics management) completed the range of offers.


  • 1670 participants were trained over the course of 337 deployment days
  • 13 qualified specialist trainers were able to convey knowledge about Ultra HD - the future of television - via our e-learning tool
  • After the six-week campaign period, it was possible to identify a significant increase in the registration of new connections


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