For our client Harman/Kardon, we carry out regular DACH-wide training tours for the launch of new products in order to keep the sales staff up to date and thus increase the sell-out.


Training of the sales staff in the new product features takes place in 450 retailers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland directly at the POS. Here, the focus is not only on conveying product knowledge and sales competence, but increasingly on the attitude and behavior of the sales staff. The result: lastingly positive shopping experiences for end customers.
Organization of the train-the-trainer workshops and scheduling with retailers, as well as the logistics and dispatch of the displays, are all guaranteed thanks to the tireless efforts of our training department.


  • Long-term knowledge transfer through interactive tools, such as our mobile knowledge database as an ad-hoc point of reference
  • Targeted use of modern learning methods such as blended and social learning
  • The average length of the sales cycle has been continually reduced, whereby a positive effect could be achieved on sales and marketing costs


Frank Klemm

General Manager
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