In order to increase the quality of advice and optimize the POS of the Lenovo brand, national training and merchandiser tours were undertaken in approximately 300 selected dealers of the MSH and Buying Group.



Directly at the POS, our well-versed trainers provided training in the products for the sales staff and conveyed the appropriate benefit and sales arguments to them. In parallel, Lenovo's image at the POS was optimized accordingly, which took place thanks to a permanently employed team of seven training and POS experts. The following points are part of the successful implementation: organization, documentation of the training and merchandizing effort, route planning, appointment management, invitation management, material management and logistics.



  • Over 350 training sessions per year
  • More than 700 employees in the retail sector were trained
  • Creation of an image database with more than 2,000 images of the presentations on site


Frank Klemm

General Manager
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