Trainings in Germany, Austria and France


Regular nationwide training courses in all Media-Saturn stores as well as in 300 additional retail stores in France. The aim was to impart product knowledge on the new invisible display protection, which is individually tailored and adapted on site.


Our instructors ensure an optimal training of the sales staff directly at the POS. In addition to product knowledge, this project is primarily concerned with the use of invisible shield cutting machines. In addition, our team communicates the convincing advantages and sales arguments for the new display protection.
We are also responsible for documenting the training campaign, route planning, appointment and invitation management as well as logistics.


  • More than 450 trainings and more than 1,000 trained persons in 2017 / 2018
  • Dealer satisfaction: grade "very good" (1,3-1,5)
  • More than 600 created training certificates


Frank Klemm

General Manager
T +49 6196 6405-116
F +49 6196 6405-199
M +49 174 9411-441