Sales Force


The task was to get a highly-qualified sales team up and running, which would be capable of significantly boosting the success of the Adobe retail software business and sales completions within as short a time as possible. On top of this, the aim was to strengthen, further develop and expand trading relationships and to increase the retail market shares according to the GfK market research organization at the same time.



First we analyzed the graphics software market very precisely, and based on that we developed a sales concept, which functions successfully in spite of huge competitive pressure, increasing product complexity and demanding consumers. The development and implementation of the individual sales measures and the complete staff management is taken care of by our employees and sales trainers. The daily management of the sales team is guaranteed by an automated route planning system. Our sales strategy in retail includes the definition of goals, sales planning and evaluation, and training for successful sales discussions.



  • Continuous increase in turnover
  • Permanent increase in the in-house share
  • Ongoing optimization of the sales structure and organization
  • Development of retail generalists into retail specialists


Niels Schiff

Managing Director
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